Smart LED Blade Fuses – 10 Amp Set – Lights Up when they blow


LED Smart Glow Blade Fuses – To replace all existing Blade Fuses

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Direct Replacement LED Blade Fuses

Smart LED Blade Fuses – Light up when they blow

10x 10 Amp LED Blade Fuse UPGRADE SET


This Purchase is for Packs of Glow fuses – 1 lot of 10 fuses

Other Amp Fuse sizes available


To upgrade your existing Blade Fuses

 All Amp sizes available: 30A, 25A, 20A, 15A, 10A, 7.5A, 5A, 4A, 3A 

Standard Blade Type
Also Available in quantities of 5 , 10 , 25 , 50 and 100’s
LED light on top of Blade Fuse – Glows when it Blows Same size and dimensions as normal Standard blade fuses

No more pulling and checking through fuse


Service Replacement Sets Also available – please ask for details 

Replace your OLD Blade FUSES with these latest Universal Smart LED Fuses which light up when they Blow!


Identify the blown fuse by easily by seeing which fuse is “Glowing” Easy to see the blown fuse as it is lit up brightly,

This means Easy Fault diagnosis….No Guess Work….No Testing!

 Product Features:-

  • Internal Light filament
  • Save time and money on expensive garage bills
  • Instant fault diagnosis without testing
  • Ideal for troublesome circuits where fuses often blow
  • Blown fuses glow
  • Universal colour coded by ampere
  • Easy to install

Please feel free to Email me if you have any questions.

Solve your Fuse problems Quickly!

The faulty fuse is quickly identified as it glows when the fuse is blown.

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