CANBUS – Amber- LED 1156 BA15s Single Filament Indicator Bulb


Porsche 928 LED 1156 CANBUS Bulb – Direct replacement for Standard Indicator Bulbs


1156 BA15s AMBER


New Release – Latest Design!

CANBUS Amber CREE LED Indicator bulbs

 1 Pair bulbs – 2 bulbs

1156 Type – Single Filament – CANBUS


Ba15s – Bayonet with 180° pins

These are a direct replacement for the Indicator bulbs in our Porsche 928, 928 S, 928 S2, 928 S4 AS well as MANY Other Makes of cars with CLEAR LENSES!

[Also Fit Other Porsche models 944, 924, 993 Turbo, 964 Turbo, 356 Carrera, 993, 993 Turbo, 911, 956, 968, Boxster 986, Boxster 987, 996, 996 Turbo, 997, Cayenne 2003-present, 959, Carrera GT, 996 GT3]

These replace the standard 1156-Type Indicator bulbs with Clear Lenses

 CANBUS Technology with extra load for Indicators

to reduce any fast flashing issues

Only 700 mA current drawn

430 Equivalent Output Power rating

A Massive 750 Lumens light output


The LED bulbs are low heat and have a large capacity Aluminium Heatsink that the LED is mounted onto. FULL CANBUS Technology with extra Load!

These contain Front firing CREE LED’s with a Wide beam pattern and then Rear facing CREE LED’s with a built-in reflector design to maximise the light spread across the whole of the Light cluster’s reflector design to maximise on the light spread out from the Rear Light Cluster.


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