Original Replica 928 Luggage Covers Complete with Frame

Original Replica frame with UK manufactured parts. These are not a basic bar frame with a canvas cover & DIY bits 

Our Frames are a Genuine Replica to the original design:-

  • Rolled U-channel as per original – NOT a DIY shop bought channel.
  • Roller assembly to aid bugee elastic movement – NOT a basic bar.
  • Porsche genuine Parts for Bungee guide and end piece
  • All Porsche genuine parts for Resette’s and Bungee End pieces.
  • An Exact Replica 928 Luggage Cover in Every Way.

Our Canvas is lined and edged to the highest specification with press-stud fittings at the ends of the frame sections to stop the frame movement – exactly as per the original design.

Zippered rear section to allow luggage to be covered when only one rear seat rest is down

Full UV resistant and High Light Fastness to stop Degradation in the Sun

Flame Retardant materials

Top Quality engineering and materials to make your 928 look special and as good as when it came out of the showroom!