New Porsche 928 Luggage Cover from Woodypeck supplied to Porsche OPC Leeds

Fitted our Woodypeck 928 Full Luggage cover & Frame to a stunning rebuilt 928 S4 at Porsche OPC Leeds this week, ready for Siverstone Clasic this weekend.

FULL Complete Luggage cover with frame and fittings – Full Replica design and closest to original Porsche design and engineering.

Amazing quality rebuild on their 928 S4 – no expense spared and full bottom up rebuild with all new parts – Absolutely stunning example of a 928 with full dealer history!

Keep your eye’s out at Silverstone for this amazing 928.
They even colour dyed our Leather Luggage cover to perfectly match this one-off interior Burgundy trim colour – Amazing quality and no expense shared. Ben their Service & Parts manager told me they will have spent over £70,000 in parts & time on this by the weekend.
Got them to contact John Speake at JDS for a new MAFF as well so this car is well worth a look at if your at Silverstone this weekend