VW T4/T5 LED Headlight upgrade video with Woodypeck LED Bulbs

VW T4/T5 LED Bulb Upgrade – out driving on the road

H4 LED Bulbs – 30 w – 3600 Lumen – 6000 Kelvin – Pure White

Standard H4 bulb Upgrade – Easy plug & Play replacement for you standard H4 bulbs

Energy Efficient Bulbs – Low Current Draw  – Only 2.25 Amps!

High Light Output – 3600 Lumens

One of our VW T4 customers kindly made this video at the weekend when I asked for a photo of our LED bulb upgrade In his T4

– Great video of our LED bulbs out on the road in his VW T4 Headlight upgrade.

VW T4 LED Headlight upgrade with Woodypeck LED H4 bulbs

VW T4 LED Headlight bulbs Upgrade